Press Release: Big Red Whistle – iPhone App Offers Platform for Speaking Up

Big Red Whistle Now Available

iPhone App Offers Platform for Speaking Up

(Hudson, NH) December 20, 2010 – Notchland Labs, LLC, has released its latest application for the iPhone and iPad—the Big Red Whistle. Big Red Whistle gives users a platform for bringing issues to the attention of those who can do something about them. Developed in the spirit of societal improvement, Big Red Whistle lets users report wrongdoings, air grievances or break news in real time and with the real potential that their grievance will be heard or acted upon. Big Red Whistle is available now in the Apple App Store.

Big Red Whistle offers users a quick and simple means of making noise about problems, from simple customer service gaffes to more significant incidents or occurrences. The application tweets user messages via the @BigRedWhistle Twitter account. Hashtags allow for differentiation of tweets by location and issue type and users may link pictures to their message via the Big Red Whistle TwitPic page. Users may also subscribe to receive others’ messages on their iPhone by U.S. state or issue type.

To download Big Red Whistle, visit the Apple App Store. To find out about other Notchland Labs applications, go to

About Notchland Labs

Notchland Labs, LLC, is a New Hampshire-based technology provider delivering high-quality mobile applications to customers and collaborating with creative clients to bring new mobile applications to life.


PDF Version: BRW Press Release-FINAL


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