Choosies Social


Connect Locally, Conquer Globally!

NOTE: Choosies Social 2.0 is under development and is expected to be released in December 2011. Significant improvements are being made to game play, chat, and locating players. 

Choosies is a hand game, that goes back thousands of years to ancient Roman and Greek times. It can be played to decide issues, much as two people might toss a coin, or for entertainment. Choosies Social takes Choosies to an entirely new level of fun and connectivity, where users Connect Locally and Conquer Globally.

In Choosies, one person is designated the “odds” player while the other is labeled “evens”. Players hold one hand out in front of them and chant together “One, two, three, SHOOT!”. On “shoot”, both players hold out either one or two fingers. If the sum of fingers shown by both players is an even number (i.e. two or four) then the “evens” player wins; otherwise the “odds” player is the winner. Since there are two possible ways to add up to three, both players have an equal chance of winning.

Choosies Social uses GPS functionality to establish the location of both you and your opponent. The Maidenhead Locator System is used to establish which grid square you and your opponent are located, and the winner of the Choosies match becomes the owner of both grid squares. You begin as a n00b, battle your way up to Knight, then Baron, and if you are both skilled and relentless in conquering grid squares, you may become the Emperor. Choosies Social allows users to filter online players by location proximity, age, sex, and relationship status. Users may also use the Player Map to select a person to connect with and conquer.

Choosies Social contains user chat functionality and allows posting of your progress to Twitter and Facebook.

Choosies Social Basics & Bylaws:

  1. Grids are 75 acres in size.
  2. When two players occupy the same grid, the Choosies match will decide who will own that grid.
  3. When two players occupy different grids, the Choosies match will decide who will own both grids.
  4. When a player wins a grid, that grid is “safe” for 30 minutes from another player conquering it.
  5. In the Player Map, you are the blue ball, other players are the red markers, and grids that you own are identified with the green markers.
  6. In the Player List, players are sorted based on most recent login.
  7. If you do not play a Choosies match for 3 days, you will forfeit all your owned grids and your realm size will be zero.


I’ll Choose You For It!